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Our team at Dennis Ćurin & Associates have a combined profit strategies solution that will improve your profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction and to assist you in solving your business problems.

At Dennis Ćurin & Associates we recommend business owners understand the value of their business – then set strategic growth strategies to maximise the saleable value within a prescribed timeline.

By adopting proven exit strategies, our team has sold and maximised the sale of many businesses over the years.  Through profit improvement and business growth strategies we have fine-tuned many exit strategies to deliver extraordinary results and very happy business owners.

  • Maximising business value

  • Developing an exit strategy for your business

Most business owners will eventually think about selling their business one day.

With prior planning you can considerably maximise the amount that you actually sell your business for.

It takes time to prepare your business to make it attractive for sale, and for this reason you need to start the effort early so that when the opportunity to sell comes along you are well-prepared and can deal with qualified buyers confidently.  More importantly, you have the self-assurance that the business is in the best possible condition by the time you pass it on to the next owner.

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Introducing Profit Strategies services to help your business work smarter

Our profit strategies has business methodologies have delivered credible results for businesses around the world. Not only does it help us put business improvement strategies in place from day one but it provides a framework which will continue to deliver results for sustainable business growth.

Depending on the size and structure of your business we will work with you to develop an appropriate programme to suit your business needs.


With our Exit strategies you will identify key areas that will make your business more valuable to a potential buyer. We typically work with businesses 12-36 months prior to the owner wishing to sell their business. ​

The goal is to:

  • Maximise the ultimate selling price of your business ​

  • Outcomes with renewed enthusiasm for running your business.

  • Increased business value

  • Greater chance of selling your business

  • Business systems improvement

  • Improved people management

  • Increased profit and revenue

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