Our team at Dennis Ćurin & Associates aspire to get to know our clients needs by taking the time to understand your business and your financial goals as well as be your accountant.

Our approach is to regularly stay in touch with you, and be available to discuss your aspirations and concerns.

While we are taking care of your accounts, and providing you with a comprehensive business advisory service you will have peace of mind to focus on what’s important to you.

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Dennis has the unique ability and personality to relate to business owners and managers and understands first hand the difficulties they all share. He has developed and implemented successful business growth strategies and systems over the last 25 years. He enjoys sharing these strategies with business owners who want to grow their businesses and reach a level of success they are proud of. Giving sound strategic advice combined with his thorough Accounting and Tax professionalism, quickly sets any client at ease.

DĆ&A - Accountants and Business Advisors Dennis Ćurin
DĆ&A - Accountants and Business Advisors Gino Antonino



Gino is a Chartered Accountant who joined DĆ&A after spending his early years in some of the biggest chartered accounting firms in New Zealand. He has a very diverse skillset and his experience ranges from advising SMEs all the way to advising very large and internationally listed corporate groups. He is considered by his peers and clients alike to be an expert in implementing growth strategies, business and personal financial plans as well as taxation plans. Outside of work, Gino enjoys spending his time with his young family of 3 as well as managing his businesses, investment portfolio and rental properties.



Steve is an accountant and cloud accounting specialist who came to accounting in 2012, after more than twenty years within the New Zealand music industry. Steve has lived in Mahurangi for nearly ten years with his wife and two children and loves to get involved in supporting local businesses and the community. Steve has also retained his connections with the music industry through his work for the Music Producer’s Guild of Aotearoa and music director of the Kowhai Festival. Steve brings a wealth of practical commercial experience from a wide range of business activities and is happiest when he uses his expertise to help people achieve their goals.

DĆ&A - Accountants and Business Advisors Steve Popham
DĆ&A - Accountants and Business Advisors Bruce Stone



Bruce is described as a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to Tax and specialist accounting. He is a knowledge power house, who always has a joke or two to brighten up your day. Bruce is a highly experienced CA and had his own practice in Auckland before semi-retiring and moving north for a more relaxed lifestyle and joining our team on a part time basis.

DĆ&A - Accountants and Business Advisors



Thalia’s nickname in our office is “The Machine”. Thalia is one of our full time Senior Accountants and has over 30 years’ experience working in the CA environment. Thalia is perceptive and observant and her ability to focus on the overall objectives enables her to get the job done quickly and to a high standard. Clients love her in-depth knowledge, while at the same time they appreciate her calmness and unique sense of humour.

DĆ&A - Accountants and Business Advisors Lorita Munro



Lorita is our Payroll guru and is a trusted and loyal member of our administration team. Always committed to excelling and further developing her business skills, you can count on Lorita to anticipate or solve any problems that may arise.When not working in our office three days a week, Lorita can be found taking her children to various sports & activities and enjoying time with her family. Lorita has also recently been elected to the Board of Trustees at Warkworth School.

DĆ&A - Accountants and Business Advisors Rasshi Raicha



Rasshi is an enterprising and passionate Accountant with excellent numeracy skills. She recently graduated with a bachelors from the University of Canterbury with a double major in Accounting and Taxation, Finance. Previously, she worked within a Hamilton-based accounting firm and a not-for-profit organisation in Christchurch. She is also a full-time trader who enjoys trading in the futures and options market. In her spare time, she loves reading, trekking, skydiving and badminton.

DĆ&A - Accountants and Business Advisors Coral Smith



Coral joined the DĆ&A team in November 2021. Her warm smile and friendly personality will greet you as you walk into our office. Coral grew up in Wellsford on a family farm and recently moved back to the area with her partner and cat Ghost. She has an interest in gardening, pilates and vegetarian cooking. Coral previously worked in an accounting firm in Nelson, where she spent a few winters in the South Island. Coral looks forward to introducing herself to you. 

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Ines brings a wealth of business knowledge to the team, emphasising personal development in her business coaching program. As a small business owner with over thirty years of experience operating various businesses, Ines understands what it takes to run your own business. Ines uses a more holistic approach, she has a natural ability to intuitively assist her clients in motivating them to achieve significant business and personal lifestyle goals.
Ines is the founder of Girls Talk Business NZ, a proactive and collaborative online community with over 8,500 online members. A prominent member of the Toastmasters for over four years, Ines is currently the Area K3 Director.