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Many businesses underestimate the need to plan for tax and to put aside (in a separate tax savings bank account) a monthly percentage of your profits to go towards your tax liability. By forward planning and understanding your financial metrics & business performance you will be better placed to recognize the cash flow necessity to put money aside for your tax obligations.

By working with us closely you can benefit from effective strategies that can legally minimise your overall tax position whilst growing your net worth.  These strategies need to be monitored, maintained and fine-tuned throughout your business journey as your personal & business circumstances may change every year as tax legislation and tax compliance changes.

One of our tax planning focuses is getting involved in planning for property tax at an early stage which can often mean avoiding costly mistakes. Be it Brightline tax considerations or potential subdivision/development, a holistic property tax opinion can provide an invaluable insight into possible ramifications of tax positions.

We are also here to assist In the event of any IRD tax dispute, As experienced tax agents we can liaise on your behalf with the IRD to help achieve your best possible outcomes.  As a collective team, we have years of experience dealing with the IRD and understanding their processes and requirements.

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