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Important Tax Dates for 2024/25

Keeping track of important tax dates is crucial for maintaining your business’s compliance and avoiding penalties. To help you stay organised, we’ve created downloadable PDF printouts and a yearly calendar that you can save and refer to throughout the year.

Key Tax Dates for New Zealand Businesses

In New Zealand, business owners file their income tax returns from 1 April to 31 March unless registered with a tax agent. The general deadline for filing your tax return is 7 July, but if you’re registered with a tax agent before this date, your deadline will be extended until 31 March of the following year granted you have an Extension Of Time (EOT).

Here are some important tax dates to remember:

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST): GST returns and payments are typically due on the 28th of the month following the end of the taxable period. This period can be monthly, two-monthly, or six-monthly, depending on your business’s GST filing frequency.

  • Provisional Tax: 2025 Provisional tax payments for those using the standard option are due three times this tax year: 7 May, 28 August and 15 January

  • Terminal Tax: Terminal tax is due on 7 April in the year following the tax year, unless you have lost the Extension of Time afforded to clients with a tax agent. For Tax payers not linked to an agency, or who have lost EOT, payment is due 7 February in the year following the relevant tax year

  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT): FBT returns are filed quarterly, with due dates on the 20th of the month following the end of the quarter. The specific dates are 20 April 2024 , 20 July 2024, 20 October 2024, and 20 January 2025

  • PAYE for Employers: PAYE, including other deductions like KiwiSaver, is due on the 20th of the following month. For larger employers, PAYE is due twice a month, on the 5th and 20th.

Note: These NZ tax year dates are specifically for businesses with a balance date of 31 March and are to be used as a guide only.

To make it easier to keep these dates in mind, download our handy PDF printout and yearly calendar. These resources are designed to help you plan ahead and ensure you never miss a deadline.

Important Tax Dates 2024_25
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Important Tax Dates Calendar 2024_25
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